Another sample DELTA module 3 assignment

Today I have the pleasure of adding Monica Ruda’s module 3 assignment to my blog. Monica contacted me recently and asked whether I would like to post it here and of course I said yes!

Monica has also taken the time to write a little bit about herself and her reasons for allowing me to post her work, which I have included below.

“After three years teaching abroad and in the UK, the DELTA seemed like the next logical step to take.

Choosing the M3 specialism is never easy, especially after teaching a wide range of classes. I chose Multilingual Classes because my past and current teaching experience led me to it. Besides, multilingual classes involve a great deal of cultural awareness (in a multicultural environment such as the UK), something I’m very interested in.
During my M3 months, I found reading other people assignments very helpful and inspiring. Hopefully my work, which achieved a Pass, can be just as useful to other candidates.
Best of luck”