So, do you really want to do DELTA?

As a follow-up to the questions I answered about DELTA on Sandy’s blog, I have decided to publish my finished assignments for module 2 (the reading and research sections of my LSAs and PDA part B) and module 3 to give prospective candidates an idea of what is required. Please see my example DELTA assignments page by clicking here.

Please note that as examples these are only my¬†assignments, which passed, and are not ‘perfect’ examples!


Why was the listening difficult?

When my students ‘huff and puff’ after a listening exercise and I try to find out why it was difficult, my learners usually find it very hard to explain why.

How could I get useful feedback to help improve problems with listening?

I decided that by encouraging them to reflect on what they had listened to, we could gain some useful insights into what areas were difficult for them. This was the main idea behind designing my ‘Post listening reflection‘. (You can download it by clicking on the link).

By using this regularly after listening exercises, I hope to build a better picture of what aspects of listening to focus on to help my learners become better listeners.

Why not give it a try yourself?

In the next couple of days I intend to post some ideas of activities we can do to help improve the weak areas.

Welcome to my ELT blog!

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

I’ve been meaning to start this for a long time but finally after receiving the push I needed by answering questions for Sandy Millin, I have only now decided to start.

I doubt that I will be a prolific blogger, but I hope that what I put in here will be of some use and interest to other ELT and ESL teachers.