Example DELTA assignments

After my experience doing DELTA, and knowing how much I appreciated the opportunity to see someone’s finished assignment, I have decided to post mine here for people to have a look at.

I’m not saying they are perfect examples but they all passed and serve to show people the standard required. They may provide some useful information for your own background essays or your module 3 assignment, or help you decide if DELTA is really for you. Click on the links below, or find your own way to them.

LSA 1 – Systems – Functions*

LSA 2 – Skills – Reading*

LSA 3 – Skills – Writing*

LSA 4 – Systems – Chunks*

PDA Assignment: Part B only (I deemed part A a bit too personal to publish here!)

Module 3: Teaching one-to-one

* Note: I decided not to include the full assignments here, only my introduction and research. The problems and suggestions sections didn’t require much research, more just teaching experience.

*Note: Unfortunately this content has now been removed



8 thoughts on “Example DELTA assignments

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  2. Hello Matthew,
    I am contemplating doing the DELTA but need to read what is available on the internet to get an idea of what is exspected.
    Your site helps a great deal !!!
    Thanks for going to the trouble to do this.

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  4. Hi Matthew,

    Your blog is great to get some guidance on the DELTA. I am struggling with LSA2-skills which I’m doing for the first time. I would really appreciate I could see your full assignment on writing. It would be a great help.


  5. Hi Matthew,

    I really appreciate you taking the time in putting this together. It is very useful for a DELTA novice like me.
    Many Thanks

    many thanks!!


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  7. Hello Matthew

    I am a Delta tutor in Berlin and I was hoping to show one of my candidates your Module 3 assignment as an example of how the one-to-to specialism could be approached. Unfotunately, the link is not working, Have you decided (or been asked) to take your assignment off the site?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


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