Lesson idea – using will/going to for prediction

Here is a lesson I came up with for a state school class of 24 pupils to revise will for prediction. It could also be used with adults, and may come in useful to you.

Lesson length: 45 mins

Planning time: 5 mins

Aim: To practise guessing what will (or is going to) happen next using cartoon strip stories


Before the lesson

1) Draw a short 4 picture cartoon strip.

2) Fold a piece of A4 paper 3 times as shown below and then rip/cut so that you have enough papers for one per student.


During the lesson

1) Draw 4 boxes on the board and then draw the first picture from your story in the box. My story had a picture of a man walking down the street with 3 shops in the background.

2) Ask individual students what they can see (or ask them to describe it with a partner first).

3) Ask a question using the target language ‘Will the man go in the bakery?’ and elicit answers ‘Yes, he will’ or ‘No he won’t’. Then ask those saying no what they think will happen. Elicit ideas, encouaging them to use full sentences and using the target language.

4) Draw the next picture on the board. They see who was right.

5) Repeat the procedure until your complete story is on the board. In my story a dinsaur came out of the shop and then got run over by a car, but I think the more shocking/crazy the story the better!

6) Tell the students they are going to make their own stories and hand out the paper strips.

7) Show them the strip and get them to fold it up. I folded it in half, then in half again while they copied me. I then folded an approximately 1cm strip at the bottom for them to write a question into (again they copied me). See the photo of the finished strip below.


8) Students then draw their cartoons on the paper (and if you want them to, they can write their will/going to questions in too).

9) When the students are finished, they can fold up their paper so it shows only the first picture and show it to another student, asking their questions, encouraging their partner to guess what will happen next  and then showing them the following pictures, in the same way you demonstrated above.

10) This can be repeated with other students.

11) Feedback to see which story was their favourite/funniest/etc.

Can you think of any other grammar items we could teach in this way?


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